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PLM Development Services
, training and development are our aims and business. We want to provide you with the key tools to release the potential of your managers and staff with our guidance and expertise. We have built up a loyal client base, many of which are among the UK’s leading organisations.

Looking for effective business development training for your managers and staff? Talk to PLM Development Services

We are passionate about people and their development! Our training is about preparing organisations and individuals for the future.

PLM Development Services is a learning, training and development consultancy that offers keynotes, workshops, seminars and training services designed to bring life to the workplace. We have a passion for motivating, inspiring and developing people to personal and professional fulfilment.

Through presentations with real-life application, PLM Development Services helps managers to become successful leaders and effective communicators and companies truly serve their customers.

We are widely known for our refreshing, thought provoking and informative delivery. You will appreciate our innovative and participatory techniques that produce immediate gains in your personal and professional productivity and learning.

To Inform, Influence, Shape, Change
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Many organisations find that it suits their needs to incorporate a PLM Development event into their own training programmes. We can also design specific training courses to meet your business and individual needs. Topics available include:

Career and Personal Development

The dilemma that faces individuals is to either have a career or a job. With organisations in a constant state of change, there is a realisation that there are no longer jobs for life and a steady career development is no longer an option. Many employees may need to change their careers during their lifetime.

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Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill. Communication will only be as successful as the people who are communicating. Writing is an essential skill in the work place today and not necessarily one that comes naturally.

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Customer Services

Without customers the organisation would not exist. Customers are people and they need to be treated with respect and as individuals, who have a right to service provision. The vital elements of any employee’s role is providing a quality and effective service as well as responding to the changing needs of customers within limited resources.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes

The course is aimed at participants who wish to broaden their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues and become more effective at work. The course will explore equality, diversity and inclusion on an organisational, team/department and individual level.

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Other course titles

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