Assertiveness Skills - Personal Effectiveness and Impact


Being assertive is a powerful communication technique aimed at influencing others and managing one’s behaviour.

Communication lies at the heart of all human relationships and interaction. The essence of best personal and professional development and practice is communicating and relating with others. The course will explore the individual’s communication, influential and interpersonal styles and skills and how they engage, interact and provide feedback to managers, colleagues and service users/customers.

We all have to deal with other people as part of our job as well as face difficult situations involving service users and colleagues at times and we may feel uncomfortable, angry, anxious or frustrated to the detriment of working relationships.

The course is designed to give practical help and advice to staff who need to develop greater ‘assertiveness’ in the workplace and in their private life. The programme provides the opportunity to analyze some of the difficult situations encountered at work and to explore ways of dealing with them effectively.

The course identifies the behaviours associated with aggressiveness, passiveness and assertiveness and examines the strategies and techniques for dealing with them. It can be difficult to find the balance between an aggressive and passive response to situations in which we feel powerless. In learning the skills of assertion for ourselves, we can work more effectively with managers, team members, service users and others.

Questionnaires, individual and group exercises will be used to develop the practical skills.


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