Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills


The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill. Communication will only be as successful as the people who are communicating. Writing is an essential skill in the work place today and not necessarily one that comes naturally.

Letters, emails, memos and reports are the form of written communication we are probably most familiar with. The quality of the publicity and communication which service users and customers receive contributes to the impression they form of the organisation.

Powerful Communication in Writing – Getting It Write Skills

Improving the quality and speed of your writing is an important part of the organisation’s communication aims. Well written and prompt communication is an important measure of a competent and committed service which tries hard to meet customers’ needs. The views and opinions of customers are to be valued and as service providers we should take the time to address them politely and correctly.

The aim of this course is to develop and practice the skills required to write and reply to correspondence effectively.

The course provides an ideal opportunity and acts as a “starter” for participants who want to improve their writing skills and re-assess their current abilities and develop new skills. The programme will focus on the essential letter, email, memo and report writing skills that are needed for business communication.

The session should be utilised as a time for the personal development of their written communication skills. The course aims to provide a guide to participants on the important skills and techniques needed to write effectively. The course will enable participants to examine and understand the processes involved in written communication.


By the end of the session, participants would have:


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