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, training and development are our aims and business. We want to provide you with the key tools to release the potential of your managers and staff with our guidance and expertise. 

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Team Building for Managers 

On completion of the course participants will be capable of organising, managing and leading a team by applying the practical team building concepts and recognising the failures and pitfalls of poor team leadership.

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Time Management Skills – Tick Tock, Beat the Clock! 

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘I haven’t got the time’ or ‘where did the time go?’ How about making time or saving time? With time, we need to be working smarter not harder! Time management is life management! How you manage your time, dictates how you manage your life!

We need to make time management a lifestyle of effective habits.

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Effective Business Writing for Professionals 

In the era of social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, mobile phones, text and instant messaging - have writing skills become obsolete? Who says ‘the writing’s on the wall?’ The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill.

However, few tasks are as challenging as ‘putting it in writing’ for others to learn from, act upon or respond to.

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CV Writing Skills 

In a rapidly changing world, it is vital for all of us to continue our learning, to keep up to date and to acquire new skills. Whatever your level of experience there will be some time in your life when you will need a CV.

The CV is a vital document for job hunting. It gives a clear summary of your achievements, skills, work experience and education. How often is your CV updated?

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Interview Skills - Interviewing for Jobs 

Being successful in obtaining employment or promotion can often depend on how well we present ourselves to those responsible for selection.

The session will enable participants to understand the key factors which make for a successful interview and allow them to practice their interviewing skills and receive feedback.

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Job Application Skills 

Applying for a job can be a minefield as well as a frightening experience. The job market continues to be competitive. The overall aim of the workshop is to provide guidelines to participants on applying for jobs and completing the job application form.

The course also aims to provide guidelines to participants on identifying their skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences.

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Management Insights - Unique Perspectives on Effective Management 

A firm grasp of management principles, its functions, structure and its problems are essential for the development of managers.

The programme provides unique perspectives on effective management. It explores the fundamental insights into management, particularly examining its multifaceted role, purpose, process and practice. It provides the platform for first/front line managers, floor leaders and supervisors to examine their views and thinking on management, demonstrate their capability in the workplace and to develop their personal competencies.

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Managing Not Coping, Working Smarter Not Harder 

Our working environment is constantly changing. There is the need to take charge of your personal and professional life and obtain balance, more popularly known as ‘Work Life Balance’.

We are required to ‘perform’, sometimes under chaotic and challenging situations. The backdrop to this is, as individuals we find ourselves ‘coping’ at work and in our jobs and not really ‘managing’ our responsibilities and areas of work as we should or need to. We need to improve our performance and productivity. As the saying goes ‘It’s productivity that counts and not activity!!

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Presentation Skills  

The ability to speak confidently and communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill.

Effective communication is the key to gaining co-operation and understanding from others. The programme provides a guide to participants on the important skills and techniques needed to deliver dynamic presentations.

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Report Writing Skills for Managers 

The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill.

Communication will only be as successful as the people who are communicating. Report writing is an essential skill in the work place today and is a specialised form of written communication. It is an important written communication skill and not necessarily one that comes naturally.

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Life After Redundancy 

For many companies, having to make people redundant is an unavoidable fact of the current economic climate.

There is a way, however, to make sure you offer these people the support they deserve.

PLM Development Services can offer support and skills development activities to help prepare your people for re-employment. This might be for work outside your company or for vacant positions within your organisation.

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Bespoke Packages 

We offer online, high quality, affordable and diverse training. All of our programmes can be delivered in-house for a group of people in your organisation.

We work with you to design and develop bespoke solutions to deal with specific skills and knowledge gaps and organisational needs you’ve identified. Our prices are all based on sizes, duration and the package of training you are looking for.

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