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, training and development are our aims and business. We want to provide you with the key tools to release the potential of your managers and staff with our guidance and expertise. 

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Career and Personal Development 

The dilemma that faces individuals is to either have a career or a job. With organisations in a constant state of change, there is a realisation that there are no longer jobs for life and a steady career development is no longer an option. Many employees may need to change their careers during their lifetime.

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Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills 

The ability to communicate effectively is an important business and personal skill. Communication will only be as successful as the people who are communicating. Writing is an essential skill in the workplace today and not necessarily one that comes naturally.

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Customer Services 

Without customers, the organisation would not exist.

Customers are people and they need to be treated with respect and as individuals, who have a right to service provision. The vital elements of any employee’s role is providing a quality and effective service as well as responding to the changing needs of customers within limited resources.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes 

The course is aimed at participants who wish to broaden their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues and become more effective at work. Equality, diversity and inclusion is the responsibility of everyone.

The course will explore equality, diversity and inclusion on an organisational, team/department and individual level.

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Executive Coaching 

Petal is vastly experienced in coaching and facilitating all levels of management, up to and including senior management, within a variety of organisations. She coaches people at different stages in their careers.

Improving individual and organisational performance is Petal’s main focus... 

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Supervisory and People Management 

Supervisors are seen as acting as the link persons between senior management and staff. The role of the supervisor/manager is to get the job done through the staff that they manage.

However, how does this work in practice?

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Management Training and Development 

We believe the art of management is too important to trust to luck. If you want your managers and leaders working to their full potential and adding maximum value to your organisation, the right training is the surest way.

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Leadership Development and Training 

Why should people follow you?

A bespoke leadership development programme for aspiring and practising leaders.

An innovative and practical programme that offers participants a tightly focused package of leadership theories, principles and practices to become more effective leaders in their roles, teams and organisation.

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Outplacement Support for staff – CV Writing, Interview and Presentation Skills 

For many companies having to make people redundant is an unavoidable fact of the current economic climate. There is a way, however, to make sure you offer these people the support they deserve.

PLM Development Services can offer support and skills development activities to help prepare your people for re-employment.

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The MIRROR Challenge™ 

Petal reveals to businesses, professionals, managers, staff and individuals their innate ability to create new directions, opportunities and possibilities.

It is an in-depth and hands-on programme, where individuals challenge their mind-set and thinking and gain mastery over their abilities and current situations and become their own agents for change.

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Team Building and Development 

People are the key resources of any organisation. A manager who works in an effective and creative manner will both increase the quality of service and contribute to the maintenance of a cohesive working team.
Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Training for Trainers 

Developing and training people is seen as essential by many organisations, a major investment and a vital ingredient for the future success of the organisation.

This innovative two day programme is suited to those who are fairly new to training, those who train on an occasional basis. The programme is also suitable to those who currently provide work-based training, but have had no formal training in how to plan, implement and evaluate learning, training and development.

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Assertiveness Skills - Personal Effectiveness and Impact 

Being assertive is a powerful communication technique aimed at influencing others and managing one’s behaviour.

Communication lies at the heart of all human relationships and interaction. The essence of best personal and professional development and practice is communicating and relating with others. The course will explore the individual’s communication, influential and interpersonal styles and skills and how they engage, interact and provide feedback to managers, colleagues and service users/customers.

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