Customer Services


Without customers, the organisation would not exist.

Customers are people and they need to be treated with respect and as individuals, who have a right to service provision. The vital elements of any employee’s role is providing a quality and effective service as well as responding to the changing needs of customers within limited resources.

     Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

Creating and maintaining good relationships with customers is a skilled and sometimes difficult process. The course is designed to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to deliver and maintain high quality customer care to users.

The programme will examine the concept and practice of providing customer care and being customer focused about clients – their needs, expectations, requirements and rights. It will explore customer care issues faced staff in their day-to-day work.

Participants need to recognise how vital building and maintaining relationships with customers is to their future. As well as recognising the importance of understanding and responding to the customers’ needs and concerns.

The programme will assist participants in developing strategies to meet their customer care needs as well as identify practical ways to deal with difficult and challenging situations.



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