Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes


The course is aimed at participants who wish to broaden their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues and become more effective at work. Equality, diversity and inclusion is the responsibility of everyone.

The course will explore equality, diversity and inclusion on an organisational, team/department and individual level. The emphasis will be on managers and staff having a firm grasp of equality, diversity and inclusion as a practice and process, their component parts and being integral to service planning and delivery.

The working environment offers a variety of challenges to individuals and teams as a whole. The programme aims to enhance awareness and knowledge of the diverse needs of clients in order that these are recognised in all aspects of service delivery and in the workplace. The course will examine equality, diversity and inclusion issues on a practical level and the integration of equality in all aspects of their job.


The course is highly participatory in nature and combines trainer presentation, group work discussions, case studies, group work and handouts.


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