Management Training and Development

     ‘Great Managers are made not born’

We believe the art of management is too important to trust to luck. If you want your managers and leaders working to their full potential and adding maximum value to your organisation, the right training is the surest way.


A firm grasp of management principles, its functions, structure and its problems are essential for the development of managers. The programme provides unique perspectives on effective management. It explores the fundamental insights into management, particularly examining its multifaceted role, purpose and practice.

It provides the platform for managers, team leaders and supervisors to examine their views and thinking on management, demonstrate their capability in the workplace and to develop their personal competencies. The overall aim of the programme is to explore best management principles and practices as well as to examine and discuss the skills, confidence and practicalities of being an effective manager.

     Management Insights – Unique Perspectives on Effective Management

Successful managers are those who can manage people successfully. Effective managers achieve results through people. All managers need to achieve results through people.

For this reason, skills are essential. An understanding of self, others and how people work and relate to each other is fundamental in developing and fostering relationships with all categories and levels of management and staff.

Its basis is to examine what makes managers competent and most importantly how they perform their managerial duties. It is aimed at developing their practice, competence, skills, knowledge and experience.

The training programme is designed to meet the needs of individuals, groups/teams and the organisation.

Equality and diversity practice forms the foundation and is integral to all training courses. A number of techniques will be employed - presented material, trainer led discussions, individual and group work using tasks and case studies to facilitate learning and development.


This is a two day programme and includes the following:
The ‘Helicopter view’ of Management

Management and Personal Competencies - Practice Issues

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