Supervisory and People Management

Managing People Effectively 


Supervisors are seen as acting as the link persons between senior management and staff. The role of the supervisor/manager is to get the job done through the staff that they manage.

However, how does this work in practice?

Understanding the skills, abilities, values, behaviours, aspirations, needs and motivation of staff, their roles and the nature of the jobs they do, is fundamental to supervisory management. The supervisory role and process is based on relationships and as an aspect of managing people, is a skill that does not necessarily come naturally.

Communication lies at the heart of all human relationships and interaction. The essence of effective management is communication with staff. The course will explore the supervisor/manager’s communication, influential and interpersonal styles and skills and how they engage, interact and provide feedback to staff that they supervise. The course will examine how supervisors deal with conflict situations and managing difficult staff.

The programme is open to practising and potential managers.

It enables participants to share a common understanding of what supervisory management is all about and to explore the range of competences, skills and behaviours that a supervisor should have.

It will examine the supervisory process and explore the practical aspects of supervision. The programme aims to develop the skills needed to offer competent supervision to other staff.


A highly interactive two-day programme that will help you bring out the best in the people you manage. Key issues covered include how to:

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