Team Building and Development

What are the key ingredients to an effective team?

People are the key resources of any organisation. A manager who works in an effective and creative manner will both increase the quality of service and contribute to the maintenance of a cohesive working team.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Teams can be in conflict, change or celebration – team building skills will assist the team manager in handling a variety of situations, and increase their understanding in the role they play in dealing with team members.

SYNERGY – Moving Forward Together - Team Working Skills


The training programme offers a structure for the team to look closely at itself, explore a number of issues relating to the team, its function, development, operation and future. The session enables the team to come together and take stock of its current situation. The team decides the vision of future services that’s needed and then plan how to get there.

The session has been designed to bring team members together and provide an opportunity for them to examine, discuss and consolidate on a number of areas that are impacting on their work, communication, performance, service provision and ultimately service delivery. The session is to further enhance and develop communication, management, leadership and team working skills.


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