The MIRROR Challenge™


The MIRROR Challenge™ is more than just a programme about improving your skills. It is a self-development, leadership and management tool which provides a structure for individuals, teams and groups to think, ink, plan, do, review and take real action regarding their futures.

Petal reveals to businesses, professionals, managers, staff and individuals their innate ability to create new directions, opportunities and possibilities. It is an in-depth and hands-on programme, where individuals challenge their mind-set and thinking and gain mastery over their abilities and current situations and become their own agents for change.

The MIRROR Challenge™ is an engaging programme, with its eye-opening concepts, demonstrations and exercises in managing change that gives individuals and teams the confidence and strategies, needed to become brilliantly successful in business, careers and life.

This exciting programme gives you a fantastic opportunity to really challenge yourself.

Course Outline

The MIRROR Challenge™ is a self-development and management tool which provides a structure for individuals to think, plan and take action for the future. Remember: Think, Ink, Plan, Do and Review.

     The more you look in the mirror, the more you will find out about yourself.
     So, here’s to looking in the Mirror, taking action and making those changes

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